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Pearce Plus Corporate Relocation and Senior Services

Pre-Decision Area Tours

A Relocation Counselor will arrange for employees to tour the area. Based on our counseling session with the employee, we will:

  • Select appropriate Relocation Specialist REALTORS®️
  • Ensure that all visits are well managed and productive

Orientations will be personalized for each individual or family.

A wide variety of communities will be previewed to assist employees and their families to make the best decision for their needs. Sample houses will be included on the tours and selected based on the specific requirements outlined by candidates in their counseling session.

Relocation Specialist REALTORS®️ are trained to include points of interests, surrounding neighborhoods and to address specific needs. They will point out local bakeries, restaurants, shopping centers, theatres, and other amenities.

After each tour, the Relocation Counselor will follow up with the Relocation Specialist REALTOR®️ and the candidate to solicit feedback. Any issues that arise will be immediately addressed and feedback will be communicated to you.