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Pearce Plus Corporate Relocation and Senior Services

Homesale Assistance Program

Pearce Plus recognizes that an employee’s home is most likely the largest single investment he/she has and that a successful sale is pivotal to making the relocation a positive experience. Selling the home quickly and for the best price is not only good for the employee, but also good for our corporate clients by expediting the relocation and keeping stress to a minimum.

Pearce Plus operates nationally and internationally to service our clients and their employees’ needs. Through the Pearce Plus Homesale Assistance Program, your employees will receive assistance in selecting a qualified, experienced listing agent, help in developing a strategic marketing plan, and suggestions for any minor improvements and/or buyers’ incentives that will increase the marketability of their home. In addition, a Pearce Plus Relocation Counselor continually monitors the Realtor’s® marketing efforts.

The oversight of the real estate process by Pearce Plus and our relocation trained affiliate Realtors® enables our corporate clients to feel confident that their employees will have quality assurance in the home sale transaction, resulting in a shorter and less stressful relocation. We know that the quicker the home is sold, the sooner the family can relocate and become part of the new community.

Homesale Assistance Program

  • Two broker market analyses are ordered
  • Broker market analyses are reviewed for accuracy and pricing
  • The client selects listing agent
  • Listing agent’s performance is monitored throughout the process
  • Timetable for departure and home purchase process is coordinated