Even under the best of circumstances, relocation is a stressful experience for new and transferred employees. The process can be even more daunting when there is family involved. Today, the need for relocation services is more critical to the recruiting process than ever. By calling Pearce Plus Relocation during the interview or decision-making phase, candidates will get the information they need to make the right decision. The pay-off to the employer is a higher acceptance rate, more productive employees, and a workforce that quickly acclimates to the new job and the community.

Pearce Plus Relocation is a full service relocation company with over 30 years of experience in the employee mobility industry. Our mission is to offer customized, cost- effective relocation programs to our corporate clients, both large and small, and to provide a positive moving experience to all that we serve.

By familiarizing ourselves with the needs and goals of our clients, we create and implement programs that meet both their budgets and their expectations. Always flexible, our team addresses a myriad of family concerns that can be critical to the decision-making process. The pre-decision research and counseling gives employees and their families the confidence to move forward.

In addition, Pearce Plus serves as the industry expert, sharing relocation best practices. Our clients know that they can reach out to us for the answer to any workforce mobility issue that might arise. When a recruiting program is backed by a highly successful relocation program, the end result is a smooth transition that enables our clients to achieve their hiring goals.

Pearce Plus Senior Services was created in 1999 as a spin-off of its highly successful relocation program. Because Seniors, who are moving from family home to a retirement community, face many of the same stressful issues as transferees and their families, Pearce Plus’ program seemed like a natural fit. Pearce Plus Senior Services is now fully mature. We partner with Retirement Communities across the country to implement real estate, downsizing, and moving services for their new residents. By offering a concierge type relocation program, Pearce Plus lifts the substantial burdens faced by the elderly and their adult children, enabling them to make their decisions more easily and move on more quickly to a new and carefree life.

Pearce Plus’ experienced team of relocation professionals delivers superior customer service and value- added programs to corporations, employees, retirement communities, and seniors.

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