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Barbara Connor

National Relocation & Senior Services Coordinator

With prior experience in both the private and public sectors, Barbara Connor has been with Pearce Relocation since early 2007.

In her role as National Relocation & Senior Services Coordinator, Barbara is available to our clients from the beginning of the decision making process until the final execution of the move. Barbara coordinate all of the necessary services to complete the process including selecting a Realtor, hiring carpenters and clean-out companies, selecting movers, and helping with downsizing. Barbara communicates regularly with clients to ensure that they are getting everything they need for a smooth transition.

Barbara Connor "As National Relocation & Senior Services Coordinator, I take great pride in ensuring that every family is connected with the resources they need to make their move successful. I am delighted to be able to offer assistance and valuable resources to our clients, and their families, as they move from one location to another. I know that this is not an easy transition and helping to make this a less stressful experience is extremely rewarding to me."