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Presentations & Workshops

Pearce Plus Senior Services is available to do presentations and workshops for seniors and adult children.

Topics include:

"Getting Ready To Move"

  • A very detailed explanation of the real estate process
  • Older seniors generally have not been in the real estate market for many years. In essence, they are like first time buyers
  • Selling their home is a very overwhelming (and scary) process. Giving them a "what to expect" presentation helps to calm these fears
  • Many times it helps them to get over the hurdle of moving by alleviating their apprehension about the process

"Myths and Realities of the Real Estate Market"

  • Charts and graphs that illustrate true data regarding the local real estate market
  • Advice on the best strategy to sell a home quickly an at the best possible price

"Living With Less and Loving It"

  • With her trademark with and humor, Ms. Cherni will discuss tips for deciding what to keep, what to toss and what to give away. In addition, she will also give her perspective on the state of the real estate market in Connecticut, why pricing is critical to success and how a full-service realtor can be helpful.

"What's Age Got To Do With It?"

  • Ms. Cherni discusses and debunks some of the many media myths and handed-down misconceptions about the aging process. Come and be inspired to live to the fullest ... whatever your age!

"Stay Put or Make a Change. What Are The Options?"

  • Discusses the different housing options:
    • Continuing care communities
    • Independent or Assisted Living
    • Over 55 rental communities
    • Over 55 condominiums or detached housing to purchase
  • What are the benefits and risks of each type?
  • Where are they located?

"Panel of Experts"

  • Reverse mortgage companies
  • Financial planners
  • Elder law attorneys
  • Long term care insurance
Photo of family We will tailor our program to your needs, providing everything your clients require to make the decision easier.