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Materials for Seniors

Determining The Value Of The Home

After interviewing the senior client, our Senior Services Coordinator selects an appropriate Senior Specialist Realtor

The Realtor contacts the client to set an appointment to view the home

At the first visit, the Realtor sets aside time to talk with the Senior and to address any concerns they might have. In addition, he or she assesses the condition of the home, measures the rooms, and takes photos for the Market Analysis.

After the first visit, the Realtor researches the property at town hall and gathers data from the Multiple Listing Service to determine the value of the home

All Senior Realtors use a standardized form when preparing the Broker Market Analysis. This form is reviewed by the Senior Services Coordinator for accuracy.

Once approved, the Senior Realtor makes an appointment to visit with the homeowner again to discuss the price, marketing plan, and action plan for selling the home.

If the client is referred by a Retirement Community, the Senior Services Coordinator gives continuous feedback to the contact person at the community.

Once listed, monthly marketing reports are reviewed by the Senior Services Coordinator, who assists the Senior clients with any questions they have during the listing process.

Once The Home Is Sold

When the home goes on deposit, the Senior Services Coordinator helps the client to decide what to keep, sell, or give away

The Senior Specialist Realtor manages the inspection process and keeps both the senior client and the Senior Services Coordinator informed of the progress

Any issues that arise during the contingency periods are addressed quickly and explained thoroughly by either the Senior Specialist Realtor of the Senior Services Coordinator

The Senior Services Coordinator and the Realtor negotiate on behalf of the senior client

If referred to Pearce Plus by a retirement community, the contact person at the retirement community is kept informed of the progress until the closing

The contact person coordinates the services of clean-out companies, movers, and other necessary services. Senior Realtor is available to meet contractors.

Assistance is provided for disconnecting utilities, change of address, and other move related issues

On the move date, the Senior client will receive assistance from the Realtor and the Senior Services Coordinator

The Realtor's performance is monitored throughout the process

Anywhere In The Country

Whether a senior client is moving locally or across the country, Pearce Plus Senior Services can address their needs.

Through our affiliation with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldŽ, our Senior Services Program utilizes the best real estate companies in the country.

The Process:

  • Our Senior Services Coordinator contacts the senior client to assess his or her needs
  • She then contacts the Relocation Division of two of our affiliate real estate companies in the departure market
  • She interviews the companies to ensure that they have all of the necessary resources to service the needs of our senior client
  • She assists the Senior client to select the best Realtor
  • Once a Realtor is selected, our Senior Services Coordinator will oversee the process from start to finish. She will:
    • Offer counsel and guidance to the senior client
    • Review the Broker Market Analysis to ensure that the property is being properly listed and marketed
    • Require written monthly reports from the Listing Realtor in addition to regular verbal feedback on the progress of the sale
    • Contact the senior client on a regular basis to make sure that he or she is getting everything that is needed
    • Offer the services of our Home Warranty Company, Moving Services, and other national programs available through our national partnerships
    • Ensure that the selected Realtor assists with downsizing, clean-outs, and other necessary services
    • Communicate regularly with the Senior Community to ensure that the move is on schedule
    • Oversee the details from start to finish
Photo of family We will tailor our program to your needs, providing everything your clients require to make the decision easier.